Monday, March 30, 2009

Video Recommendations

I don't want to jump off the "Back to Basics" bandwagon too quickly but I have found some simply sensational videos over the last couple days and I wanted to share some of this awesome-ness with you :

"Dummy Clips" - These guys (Covert Ops) do writings as opposed to talking over the top of their presentations. You'll find that you have to pause to catch up and read and then follow what they are doing. There is a TON of material on this site which is unfortunately under construction. Fortunately, Ableton's forum members have consolidated it here. Edit : Found a better list.

Video Tutorial Clips by a Kiwi - This guy is actually a really good teacher in addition to putting together some decent demo's.

Sonic Academy - I would have been thrilled to put these guys at the top of the list but they are a pay site and it costs roughly $90 a year to subscribe. There is quite a bit of free material though. You'll find as you get further into the lessons, they start leaving stuff out so you have to pay to finish the lesson.

Ableton Inc - Ableton has an official YouTube channel. I find their tutorials well done but ultimately I think they don't show you how to do anything really cool or useful.

innerstatejt - Another YouTube user. Not many videos to choose from but well done nonetheless.

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